25th AnniversaryOur office staff and key production staff celebrated the evening together with sales agents, vendors and customers. In attendance were also Mr. Don Drover, one of the two original founders of Champion Fiberglass in 1988, together with his wife, as well as the two former outside investors, Mr. Ralph O’Connor and Mr. Robert Fowler. Without their help in 1989, it is doubtful that Champion Fiberglass could have made it.

Champion Fiberglass 25th Anniversary dinnerThe celebration was held at Amerigo’s restaurant in The Woodlands. After a welcoming glass of champagne and hors d’oeuvres, the guests heard the history of Champion Fiberglass from our company’s president, Goran Haag. Goran also had a blue and yellow tie on, as June 6 happens to be the National Day for his country of birth, Sweden.

Everybody had a good time and every guest received a wine carafe with the company logo and date as a momento when they left. Now we start the next 25 years of moving Champion Fiberglass forward in the industry and realizing our vision statement—to be the leader in fiberglass raceway systems.

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