If there’s one thing Champion Fiberglass understands about the electrical conduit business, it’s change. Fiberglass conduit itself was quite a big change when Champion Fiberglass began production 30 years ago. Today, you can see that commitment to innovation in the planned upcoming facility expansion, and in the
conduit products themselves.

Recently, Champion Fiberglass attended the NAED (National Association of Electrical Distributors) Western Region Conference in Palm Desert, California. There, they met with several distributor-members of NAED, building the powerful partnerships and mutually beneficial alliances that will advance Champion Fiberglass’s capabilities in the coming years.

The business model around conduit is changing, as well. As Scott Patchan, National Sales Manager for Champion Fiberglass, has said, “In the beginning, we concentrated on end users and engineers in order to drive spec’ing – today, we’re focused on serving that end user by working with distributors that can facilitate larger orders, faster timelines, and greater customer satisfaction.”

It was this early work on Champion’s part – in getting a lesser-known fiberglass conduit material regularly spec’ed – that caught the attention of distributors. “We feel this is the time in the product lifecycle to spend more time with distribution,” Patchan says. “These relationships are now more important than ever.”

Champion Fiberglass is proud to be forging relationships that will put them in alignment with top-tier distributors. As the only fiberglass conduit manufacturer represented at NAED’s Western Region Conference, Champion Fiberglass was in an excellent position to stand out from the crowd – in fact, that ability to stand out from the crowd is one thing that hasn’t changed in the last 30 years.

To learn more about NAED, visit: https://www.naed.org/

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