About CET & Associates

CET & Associates was founded in 2010 as a manufacturers representative serving the Rocky Mountain states of Colorado and Wyoming. Led by Principal Tim Cuneo, they represent products and solutions to the residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors. For Champion Fiberglass®, CET & Associates’ application focus is industrial projects such as transportation, wastewater, and any projects utilizing PVC and PVC-coated steel electrical conduit.

Initially CET & Associates began with a commodity focus. As they’ve grown, they now offer more engineered solutions. They pride themselves in being very knowledgeable about the product and who they serve.

Further, the CET team employs a customer-centric approach, focusing on the success and longevity of customers and the lines that they represent. In fact, this rep firm is structured in a way that they have assigned manufacturing line product managers. These team members serve as manufacturing line experts and focus on trainings and how these products add value for customers. Jason Rothe, Director of Industrial products, has been with the company for 5 years and is the Champion Fiberglass product rep.

Working Together for Success

CET & Associates and Champion Fiberglass enjoy a strong partnership. Principal Tim Cuneo and Jason Rothe and are in communication with Regional Sales Manager Kent Brown and Inside Sales & Marketing Analyst David Szyszka weekly for project guidance. The CET & Associates team enjoys working with Champion Fiberglass, calling it “a great relationship.”

Says Jason Rothe, “Champion Fiberglass has built a legion of loyal customers. As we provide solutions together, they really win hearts and minds. We realize we have a huge opportunity ahead of us as more people consider fiberglass conduit.” And, adds Tim Cuneo, “It’s a fun line to sell.”

Transportation Projects for the Win

One of the biggest wins for CET & Associates was a bridge and tunnel project along I-70. What appealed to the electrical contractor was installation time and cost efficiency due to the light weight of the conduit and the gasketed interference joint connections for installation. After visiting the manufacturing plant in Houston, the contractor was sold on product quality and the savings that Champion Fiberglass provided. This win proved to be significant as it opened doors to smaller subcontractors on the project getting first hand experience using Champion® Fiberglass conduit.

CET & Associates has also had success breaking into another large contractor, one with a large transportation division. For this first project, the contractor used their warehouse to build prefabricated duct banks. Adds Rothe, “All of these contractors in the territory are having a good experience using fiberglass conduit.”

Successful Strategies

Says Region Sales Manager Kent Brown, “CET & Associates has utilized a sales strategy that focuses on the largest contractors to specify fiberglass conduit in their projects. Once these contractors try the product, they see how easy it is to use, and continue to use fiberglass conduit. It has been a smart, successful strategy.”

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