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9.24.2021 Category Champion Fiberglass

PVC Blogs Get Traction on Google

Recently, our Champion Fiberglass blogs have gained traction on Google. But what, specifically, does this mean for you, and how does it impact your business as a rep? As you know, Champion Fiberglass places a premium on educating customers throughout their journey to buy fiberglass conduit. We do this because most customers research purchases on [...]

8.17.2021 Category Champion Fiberglass

2021 Electrical Conduit Trends in Data Center Construction

Digital infrastructure. Connectivity. The cloud. The fourth utility. Digital transformation. We’ve heard terms like these bantered about over the last year. WIth the pandemic increasing our reliance on the Internet for school and work, it is no wonder. About this, the report Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics states, “The [...]

6.17.2021 Category Champion Fiberglass

Get Project Collaboration Tips and Resources in Our Guide to Electrical Conduit Technology Tools

Digital transformation is happening at a swift pace across most industries. And the electrical industry is no different. At Champion Fiberglass® we thrive on technology and innovation, from our 100 percent digital facility to the tools we provide customers. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company, we operate the most advanced manufacturing facility [...]

3.18.2021 Category Champion Fiberglass

Electrical Conduit System Comparison: Fiberglass vs. Steel

From metal to PVC to fiberglass (RTRC), the electrical conduit market is loaded with players. Each electrical conduit system has distinctive properties that play out depending on the situation. When selecting rigid conduit, project considerations such as application and installation type play a role in determining the best product for a job. Let’s take a [...]