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7.15.2019 Category Champion Fiberglass

For the Fiberglass Conduit Market, Port Projects Are On the Rise

Ever since the Panama Canal was widened in 2016, more and more U.S. ports are following suit with upgrades to accommodate bigger ships and new technology. To provide some perspective, old Panamax ships hold 5,000 shipping containers. New Panamax ships hold 13,000 containers. With larger ships carrying more cargo, it’s easy to understand why port [...]

6.10.2019 Category Champion Fiberglass

Fiberglass Elbows Protect Data Center Infrastructure

As reliance on high-tech surges, day-to-day activities are increasingly dependent on data centers as they handle mission-critical data and processes for business, government and organizations. In designing data centers, it’s important to preserve and secure technology infrastructure while addressing future scalability. Cost containment protection of the massive amount of wire and cable from elbow burn-through [...]