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5.16.2022 Category Champion Fiberglass

What Type of Conduit to Use Underground?

Why choosing the correct electrical conduit is important Electrical conduit provides valuable protection to electrical wiring and electrical cable from moisture, fire, corrosion, impact, electrocution and short-circuits. With many options available to project managers and engineers, it’s important to consider the location and environment specific to each project when selecting an electrical conduit to specify [...]

4.08.2022 Category Champion Fiberglass

Champion Fiberglass Receives ISO 45001 Certification

Champion Fiberglass has achieved ISO 45001 certification. This third certification is in addition to the ISO certifications that Champion has had for many years, ISO 9001-Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001-Environmental Systems Management. Per the International Standards Organization (ISO), 45001 is an occupational health and safety management system that incorporates organizational processes. More specifically, it [...]

3.16.2022 Category Champion Fiberglass

Sustainable Electrical Conduit Machinery: New Champion Fiberglass Systems Enhance Environmental Stewardship Efforts

Champion Fiberglass values environmental stewardship Recent capital investments help reduce environmental load Acquisitions include a water filtration system and solid waste grinder Champion Fiberglass strives to be a responsible corporate citizen in terms of the solid and water byproducts created in manufacturing. This is part of what earned the ISO 14001:2015 designation for our manufacturing [...]

3.10.2022 Category Champion Fiberglass

PVC Shortage: 2022 Electroindustry Update

Supply chain issues continue to plague the construction industry The PVC shortage has potential to continue through 2024 Fiberglass conduit is a superior replacement for PVC SCH 40 that is available with shorter lead times and lower prices Projects utilizing fiberglass conduit benefit from its light weight, durability and less costly installation For PVC pipe [...]

2.21.2022 Category Champion Fiberglass

Electrical Conduit Corrosion Resistance: An Intermediate Guide For Electrical Engineers and Electrical Contractors

Corrosion can be caused by chemical reactions such as oxidation and includes galvanic corrosion, atmospheric corrosion, and uniform corrosion Environments where corrosion occurs include wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants and coastal environments such as piers and ports In industrial construction project applications in corrosion-prone environments, it’s important to select a corrosion-resistant conduit for longevity and [...]

2.21.2022 Category Champion Fiberglass

Sales Awards Announced at NEMRA

For the first time in two years, the Champion Fiberglass sales team attended the NEMRA 2022 conference. While in Dallas, National Sales Manager Scott Patchan, National Sales Manager Bob Reeger, Regional Sales Manager Kent Brown, and Regional Sales Manager Matt Fredericks connected with the Champion Fiberglass team of field sales representatives. The team shared news [...]