Founded in 1928, Carlson Sales has carved a significant niche in the utility industry from its base in Washington State. In April, they joined forces with Champion Fiberglass  in a strategic alliance that expands their offering. 

The adoption of Champion Fiberglass products by Carlson Sales fills a crucial gap in their linecard, allowing them to offer a lighter, cost-effective alternative to traditional materials like steel and PVC. This shift is particularly relevant in applications such as underground installations for fire mitigation, where fiberglass offers significant time and cost savings over other materials.

The team’s focused approach spans from meter to substation, delivering complete solutions across their extensive territory, including Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Steering the company into its current era are Bob Peak and Slater Mitchell, principals who bring decades of personal commitment and extensive industry experience.

“Partnering with Champion Fiberglass was a natural progression for us,” Mitchell said. “Their reputation for quality products and customer service complements our commitment to offering comprehensive utility solutions.”

Scott Patchan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Champion Fiberglass, echoed this sentiment. “Carlson Sales brings a level of expertise and market understanding that is exceptional,” Patchan said. “We are excited about the potential this partnership holds.”

As this partnership unfolds, both companies anticipate growing their footprint in the utility sector, driven by shared values and a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

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