Leonard Sales has been around for 83 years. It was started by Leonard May prior to World War II. In 1939 May enlisted and when he returned, restarted the company. Over the years it has changed hands and today is led by President Larry Rolfe, Vice President Bob Bury, and Operation Manager Tim King.

The company has evolved from a business that sold solely to the electrical distribution market to the current model where they represent OEMs to the industrial and electrical distribution market, contractors, and end-users throughout Ontario.

The Partnership

Champion Fiberglass® and Leonard Sales have partnered together since 2004. Operation Manager Tim King says that there is a high level of trust involved. He adds, “Champion Fiberglass understands that we know the territory. They stand back and let us do our thing in developing it.”

King says the Champion Fiberglass team has been helpful in commencing the sales journey, setting up Lunch and Learn events with engineers so the Leonard Sales team can begin the education process.

Leonard Sales plays the long game to win business and it pays off. An example of this is the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) which uses electrical conduit for subway transit bridges and tunnels. King says it took about five years to get Champion Fiberglass specified, but now it is the sole phenolic and fiberglass electrical conduit provider. Early efforts are paying off as the TTC upgrades stations and adds new lines across the city.

Not only is Champion Fiberglass there at the beginning of the sales process with reps, they help see projects through to the end. They are always on standby, ready to assist along the sales journey if challenges arise, says King.

When there are concerns or questions, they listen, says King. “You get a reaction right away.” He adds that deliveries have been critical. “We’ve worked with management to make deliveries happen faster, which pleased the customer,” says King.

And more specifically, the team at Champion Fiberglass offers technical expertise to contractors who are new to the product. Explains King, “They’ve helped us navigate some unique bridge hanger specifications too. In these situations, they are always helpful and offer flexibility and solutions. Customers come back satisfied and most importantly, they remember the experience and Champion Fiberglass conduit for future projects.”

Project Wins

Leonard Sales has brought Champion Fiberglass electrical conduit to the table on some notable bridge projects including several crossing into the U.S. like the Blue Water Bridge, Ambassador Bridge, and the Peace Bridge. Other projects include the Cache Creek Bridge and Ottawa transit expansions that include tunnels and bridges. A project that was particularly satisfying to win was the Walkley Road Bridge, located two hours from the competitor’s manufacturing plant.

What’s helped Leonard Sales win the most projects this year? Champion Fiberglass lead times. “Four- to five-week production is phenomenal. Customers cannot believe it,” says King.

Leonard Sales does many things to ensure success representing Champion Fiberglass conduit in Canada. Regional Sales Manager Matt Fredericks explains, “Tim is always on the ball, following up on any opportunity that is presented before him or that he created. And it shows in that Leonard Sales has grown their territory impressively over their tenure representing Champion Fiberglass. They truly understand the product, how it works, where it works, and how to effectively sell it.

Read more about how Champion Fiberglass provided solutions for Leonard Sales’ customer Toronto Transit Commission.

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