Mechanical Rep firm Bradley-Hughes has been covering the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia for over 30 years. The organization was formed in 2000 after the merging of two agencies – one owned by Bill Bradley and the other by William Hughes. For Champion Fiberglass, Bradley-Hughes represents the Champion StrutTM and Champion Bridge DrainTM product lines in mechanical market segments.

Bradley-Hughes partners with industrial, municipal and plumbing wholesalers to service contractors, OEMs and end users in a wide range of markets including water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage, data center, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, chemical manufacturing, power generation, mining and commercial construction. The company strives to constantly improve processes and create more value for wholesalers, contractors and engineers as well as the companies that they represent. 

With Alex Hammond at the helm, Bradley-Hughes has represented Champion Fiberglass for over a year. He’s enjoyed the collaboration and appreciates the long term strategy. “It has been exciting for us to grow the business together. Champion Fiberglass is certainly set up for success. They have a good plan in place, and they’re patient and deliberate approach has made them a good fit for what we are trying to do.”

As for projects, Bradley-Hughes has had success in wastewater treatment applications where they were able to convert a project to Champion Strut from a competitor. “Working with one of our stocking distributors, the Champion Fiberglass team and the distributor sales group were able to get Champion Strut approved and installed on a large wastewater treatment plant project in North Carolina. The client definitely got a feel for the improved service level of Champion Fiberglass over the competitor.”

Says VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan, “Bradley-Hughes has enjoyed early success with Champion Strut. We’re excited to see the trend continue in 2023.”

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