An installer checks a fiberglass conduit duct bank at an industrial construction job site.

In industrial construction, the efficiency and success of a project often hinge on seemingly small details—like the choice of electrical conduit. Traditional conduit materials, with their weight, sluggish installation and frequent lags in availability can become unexpected roadblocks, causing delays. 

As industrial construction professionals know, this matters because construction is dictated by precise deadlines that rely on trades finishing their work on time to keep pace. Contractors and project managers are right to be concerned about product or installation delays that slow timelines then have a domino effect, impacting the entire schedule of a project. Choose the wrong product and projects can drag, even garnering expensive penalties such as liquidated damages that have the potential to grow to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Selecting the right electrical conduit can eliminate these problems, and encourage a positive impact on productivity and schedules.

Electrical engineers, electrical contractors and project managers have discovered time and again how Champion Fiberglass® electrical conduit enhances productivity at the job site. Its product availability, ease of installation, design assist tools and expert project guidance have helped industrial construction projects meet timely conclusions year after year.

Product Availability to Keep Schedules on Track

One of the standout features of Champion Fiberglass conduit is its availability, specifically designed to meet tight project schedules. Traditional materials can suffer from lags in availability, causing delays and risking liquidated damages. In recent years, especially during the global pandemic, Champion Fiberglass has proven its reliable and consistent product availability.

Additionally, several product lines offer immediate availability initiatives including Xpress Elbows and Champion Strut.

Champion Fiberglass’s Xpress Elbows offer an unprecedented level of responsiveness, ensuring that even the most time-sensitive needs are met efficiently. With this program, elbows of certain sizes and radii are shipped within 48 hours.

The same holds true of Champion Strut. If using the conduit and piping support system on a project, live, updated product quantities can be found on the strut inventory web page. Champion Strut also ships expeditiously – the same or the next day to keep projects moving along.

Further, contractors rely on the Champion Fiberglass team to provide customized delivery solutions. Case studies have shown that product availability and prompt shipping can make or break a project’s timeline. For example, for a bridge project, the team at Champion Fiberglass provided customized shipping requests with special labeling and adhered to a precise schedule so the conduit portion of the project finished on time, enabling subsequent trades to flow through the project in a timely fashion.

Installation Saves Time

The lightweight nature of Champion Fiberglass conduit offers more than just ease of transport; it translates into significant time savings during installation. Unlike heavier alternatives, Champion Fiberglass conduit can be moved, positioned and joined with less effort and manpower, leading to a smoother, safer and quicker installation process. This ease of handling not only accelerates project timelines but also enhances worker safety, minimizing the risk of injuries and subsequent delays. It’s a win-win for project managers and contractors alike.

That is just what project managers found for a data center project, where five miles of conduit were installed in one day.

Accurate Tools Facilitate Project Planning

Champion Fiberglass goes beyond offering a superior product by providing tools specifically designed to assist in project planning. With proprietary conduit calculators, professionals can accurately estimate requirements, ensuring that they have the right amount of material on hand without wasteful overstocking.

Additionally, BIM/Revit renderings allow for accurate planning, helping teams visualize the project, detect potential issues early and work with a clear roadmap. These tools are not just conveniences; they are strategic assets that provide comparative estimates to other electrical conduit types to help engineers and contractors make the most informed decisions about a job.

Custom Guidance When Needed

No two projects are the same, and Champion Fiberglass understands this better than anyone. With 35 years of project experience, they’ve got a playbook of customer solutions for just about any project challenge. The sales team works closely with customers to understand unique needs and challenges. Whether it’s a customized component or expert guidance on installation, Champion Fiberglass stands ready to assist, ensuring that each project proceeds without hitches, stays on schedule and avoids any potential liquidated damages.

For a recent pharmaceutical project, Champion Fiberglass provided guidance so that contractors could easily fabricate modular electrical rooms to a unique specification and ship anywhere in the U.S. while meeting shipping size and weight constraints.

Avoid Construction Liquidated Damages By Choosing Champion Fiberglass®

In the fast-paced world of industrial construction, Champion Fiberglass conduit has proven to be an invaluable ally for professionals seeking to keep their projects on schedule. By offering rapid product availability, simplifying installation, providing proprietary planning tools and tailoring solutions to unique project needs, Champion Fiberglass ensures that delays and potential liquidated damages become concerns of the past.

To help enhance productivity, reduce risks, save time and money and build with confidence, find a Champion Fiberglass representative today.

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