Synergy Electrical Sales stands as a shining example of innovation and strategic excellence in the electrical industry. Their unique approach, particularly in representing Champion Fiberglass, has set new benchmarks in the field.

Synergy Electrical Sales

Founded in 2001, Synergy Electrical Sales serves Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware. It emerged from the amalgamation of five family agencies, each with a distinct focus within the electrical market. Now representing three divisions – Architectural Design Solutions, Energy Engineering Solutions and Electrical Wholesale Solutions – Synergy offers comprehensive market coverage and represents a diverse range of brands effectively.

At the heart of their success is a focused strategy on attracting top-tier manufacturers, with Champion Fiberglass being a primary example. What sets Synergy apart is its specialized sales team structure. Diverging from the industry’s traditional generalist approach, Synergy employs specialized teams, each dedicated to different market segments and products.

A ‘Transformative’ Partnership

President Larry Rodger speaks highly of the partnership with Champion Fiberglass, a relationship spanning a decade. Rodger’s focus on leveraging Champion Fiberglass’s strengths in specific applications such as data centers has led to notable successes.

“Our collaboration with Champion Fiberglass has been transformative. Their quality products, exceptional marketing support and commitment to innovation align perfectly with our goals at Synergy,” Rodger said. 

This strategic focus was particularly evident in the Talen Energy project, where Synergy utilized Champion Fiberglass in a major data center and cryptocurrency mine development. This project showcased the versatility and quality of Champion Fiberglass solutions in high-demand, modern industrial applications.

Scott Patchan, VP of Sales & Marketing at Champion Fiberglass, commends this approach:

“Larry Rodger and Synergy Electrical Sales have been instrumental in demonstrating the efficacy and versatility of our products. Their innovative sales strategies and focused approach in representing solutions to contractors and engineers have set a new standard in the industry.”

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