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Whether successfully replacing conduit under bridges, training first-time installers at a massive distribution center, or navigating the complexities of large-scale tunnel projects, the French, Inc. and Champion Fiberglass partnership has proven time and again that they are more than capable of meeting industry challenges head-on.

Since its inception in 1981, French has been setting the standard in central Virginia for envisioning, planning and executing strategies in the electrical construction industry. Founded by Larry French and now owned by principals Todd Clevenger and David Adderhold, French has nurtured a team of 14 diverse members servicing the commercial, residential and industrial segments in the marketplace.

French strives to enhance their customers’ competitive advantage to help them win and secure work. This effort is multi-faceted across distribution, installation and specification clients. This creates demand in the local market for their customers and the manufacturers that they represent. The unique sales structure at French is organized around their Top 30 account strategy and their ability to shift resources internally to put their best team members in front of their best opportunities.

The French line card is comprised of many #1 brands in the industry and Champion Fiberglass was the perfect fit to complement this. This provides a brand synergy across the Virginia electrical marketplace that is widely recognized and used on every project. In the two years since joining forces, the French and Champion Fiberglass partnership has been quick to develop and win many significant projects in Virginia. Some of these include infrastructure upgrades on bridges for Dominion Energy, the Wegman’s distribution center and the new Hampton Roads Tunnel project, the largest highway construction project in Virginia’s history.  

The French and Champion Fiberglass partnership has leveraged the strengths of each firm, creating a synergy of talent and expertise that has resulted in successful projects for their business and their customers. Says VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan, “We look forward to tackling new challenges and achieving milestones with the French team.”

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