2017 Marketing Campaign Wins Best of Show at BMA Lantern Awards

For nearly 20 years, the Business Marketing Association (BMA) Lantern Awards of Texas have recognized creative, effective, strategic business-to-business communications across our state. On Thursday, November 30th, Champion Fiberglass was honored with the Best of Show distinction for our 2017 “It’s So Easy” multiplatform marketing campaign.

From trade journals to email marketing and online, the campaign elements aimed to speak to engineers in their language, while also creating something unique in the trade publication landscape. The approach wrapped together technological information, results-oriented creative, and a slightly nostalgic team of characters intended to take engineers back to a time when “anything was possible.”

Champion Fiberglass worked with Savage Brands to create and trademark the Champ™ character, a superhero engineer who embodies many of Champion Fiberglass Conduit’s best attributes—he’s strong, lightweight, and fights heat and corrosion. Throughout the contest campaign Champ™ went to battle with the enemies of any on-time, on-budget job, including Rusty (corrosion), Torchy (burn through) and Heavy (unnecessary weight/costs).

Champion Fiberglass Hero Campaign

The “It’s So Easy” campaign ran over a span of four months (including teaser and follow up marketing) with a three-month contest nestled in the middle. Entrants could enter once monthly and only needed to enter their name and email address for a chance at one of ten Amazon® gift cards awarded each month. Over 70 unique assets were created to support the campaign, including print ads, a dedicated microsite, targeted emails, seven digital advertising placements and a social media presence on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

Champion Fiberglass is honored to have received the highest award of this year’s BMA Lantern Awards, and we hope to be back next year. Our 2018 marketing efforts will again focus on engineer needs and challenges (with Champ™ making an appearance, of course!) We thank everyone at the BMA Lantern Awards, the judges in particular, and congratulate all our fellow winners from this year’s competition.

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