Conduit support spacing can have a significant effect on overall project costs, due to the number of supports required as well as the time to install the complete conduit system. Between 2016 and 2017 Champion Fiberglass was able to work with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to update the code related to RTRC support spacings and achieved longer support spacing distances for Champion Haz Duct (XW Type conduit), as well as Champion Duct Standard Wall, Medium Wall and Heavy Wall.

Conduit runs along a bridge in Canada.

Extensive independent testing was conducted by UL to determine that Champion Fiberglass conduit met the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 355.30 for Securing and Supporting before extending its support spacing distances. Champion Fiberglass is the only fiberglass conduit manufacturer who has achieved this status. 

How Does Champion Fiberglass Conduit Support Spacing Compare to GRC?

The chart  below shows a comparison of Champion Fiberglass XW conduit to GRC (Galvanized Rigid Conduit) support spans:

Champion Fiberglass Haz Duct® previous and current support spacing distances compared to GRC and PVC-coated steel
DiameterStandard RTRC
Spacing Distance
Champion Haz Duct® XW Type
Support Spacing Distance
GRC And PVC-coated
Steel Support
Spacing Distance
3/4″3 ft.10 ft.10 ft.
1″3 ft.10 ft.12 ft.
1-1/4″5 ft.15 ft.14 ft.
1-1/2″5 ft.15 ft.14 ft.
2″5 ft.15 ft.16 ft.
2-1/2″6 ft.15 ft.16 ft.
3-1/2″6 ft.17 ft.20 ft.
4″7 ft.17 ft.20 ft.
5″7 ft.17 ft.20 ft.
6″8 ft.17 ft.20 ft.

The true savings come not only from materials cost as fewer hangers and less strut are required, but from the savings on installation and labor hours. Compared to PVC-coated steel, per 100 feet of 4” conduit, Champion Fiberglass XW Type conduit represents over $2,000 in project savings. While the same number of hangers are required (5), the time to install Champion Fiberglass is only 8.25 labor hours, compared to 38 labor hours required to install the same length of PVC-coated steel. Champion Fiberglass materials are also less expensive, further contributing to cost savings, as detailed in the chart below:

So for the same number of supports on a project, PVC-coated steel adds 29.75 hours of installation, $1801.70 to materials cost and $1487.50 to installation costs.

See How Conduit Support Spacing Requirements Will Impact Your Next Project

Champion Fiberglass makes it easy to compare costs of materials and installation for multiple conduit materials including fiberglass (RTRC), PVC-coated steel, GRC, aluminum, and stainless steel, specific to your next project based on hourly rates, conduit diameter and length with our conduit calculator

To learn more about conduit support spacing requirements across substrates and which conduit will be best suited for your next project to ensure maximum cost savings without sacrificing strength, contact your local electrical conduit Rep.

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