The Delta Electrical team accepts an award from Champion Fiberglass.

Delta Electrical Solutions has been serving the electrical industry since 1992, initially as Delta Electrical Associates. The company got its start providing snow-melting heat cable solutions and has evolved into a full service electrical and lighting rep agency focused on providing exceptional service to architects, engineers, distributors and contractors in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The company’s unique line card also includes Champion Duct®, Champion Flame Shield® and RSCC cables.

Principal Gary Greenawalt reflects on his operation that puts a premium on customer service. Their goal is to provide the right product to fit customers’ needs, then enhance the experience with onsite product training and post-sale support.

This also means answering questions before they are asked and prioritizing reliability, accuracy and honesty. The Delta Electrical Solutions team tells customers what they need to know, not what they want to hear.

Delta Electrical Solutions and Champion Fiberglass® have been problem-solving infrastructure projects together for 14 years. Delta Electrical Solutions appreciates that Champion Fiberglass understands their requests and customizations and works closely with them to ensure positive results.

Gary credits Champion Fiberglass for its commitment to hiring the right people who share their vision, values and dedication. He’s struck by the cooperation they provide in working together to meet a need and solve a problem. “They are a great company to work with because they want to see reps succeed,” he adds.

This success includes high-profile projects such as the City of Pittsburgh’s Three Sisters Bridges and Duquesne Light, where Delta Electrical Solutions was tasked with matching conduit color to the bridges. They also completed tunnel applications for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, where they installed a 2-hour fire-rated system when there was none available. For this project, Champion Fiberglass proved responsive, able to turnaround product very quickly. Subsequent turnpike phases are in the works for this project.

From production associates to the sales team, “Champion’s give-a-damn attitude is second to none,” Gary says. “They honestly care about their employees, rep agencies, products and reputation. I don’t see that often in the industry. It is a testament to Champion Fiberglass and the reason why they are so successful. President Goran Haag has fostered this culture and his team shares the philosophy. It makes their products a favorite line to represent and sell.”

Adds VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan, “Delta Electrical Solutions and Champion Fiberglass certainly align on service levels. They continue to deliver by initiating and concluding successful projects. We look forward to working with them for many more years.”

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