Champion Fiberglass offers a complete line of nonmetallic strut channels and components, including fittings, threaded rods, pipe clamps, fasteners, nuts and accessories, as well as wall support racks for framing and mounting conduit and mechanical piping.  It’s important to take a close look at project requirements in order to determine the right strut channel for a project.

Considerations in Selecting the Right Strut Channel

Selecting Resin

Strut channels are provided in two different resin systems: polyester and vinyl ester resin, and manufactured from a process called pultrusion. Both resins utilize the same glass rovings and mattings, are flame retardant (confirming to ASTM E-84, Class 1 flame spread rating), are self-extinguishing per UL94V-0 requirements and incorporate UV-resistant surfacing veils.

Polyester resin channels are great general-purpose fiberglass channels that provide very good corrosion resistance in many chemical environments and are generally less expensive than vinyl ester channels.

Vinyl ester channels are premium-grade fiberglass channels that provide superior corrosion resistance, are more resistant to impact and less sensitive to temperature and humidity.

Additionally, glass-reinforced polyurethane resin is used to manufacture Champion Strut pipe clamps, U-bolts, hardware, some channel connect fittings, molded clevis hangers and post bases.

Each resin has a unique color which aids in the identification of the type of resin used (and can make for smoother inspections), but can be custom colored upon request. Polyester resin channels are light grey, vinyl ester channels are beige and polyurethane components are dark grey.

Understanding Chemical Resistance

Polyester and vinyl ester resin exhibit different physical applications. The environmental corrosion potential of a project will dictate which resin is best suited for a project. Refer to the chemical resistance chart on pages 9-10 of the Champion Strut catalog for more information.

While polyester resin is suitable for most applications, there are some environments that will require the durability of vinyl ester resin. For example, in a wastewater treatment plant there may be chlorine and wet gas present in which case polyester would not be recommended and vinyl ester would be required.

Considerations for Pipe Clamps

Some applications require pipe clamps. If a project already has stainless steel pipe clamps,  select a strut channel from the SST (standard) series. If a project requires a complete system including pipe clamps, select from a fully nonmetallic system using our CS-20 (heavy duty) series channel alongside a full line of polyurethane pipe clamps.

A flange paired with a pipe clamp can provide more strength for maximum loading. It’s important to choose the right profile (S or SST series) to ensure that a selected flange will fit. Please refer to the Champion Strut catalog for more information.

Space and Size Considerations

Both the CS-S and CS-SST channel profiles come in multiple sizes. If space is an issue, strut can be as close to flush as possible. For this situation, a shallow channel profile is recommended.

Mounting Considerations

The Champion Strut system can be mounted vertically or horizontally. If the channel is mounted vertically, there are weight slippage factors to consider. If the application could be subjected to vibration or have regular contact with fluids, a stop lock assembly might be required to keep the load and strut from sliding downwards over time. More information can be found on page 35 of the Champion Strut catalog.

Holes for bolts can be pre-drilled or customers can drill their own. Champion Fiberglass® offers both options based on customer preference.

Another way strut can be mounted is via concrete embedment. In this type of installation, typically only the top of the strut shows. This is useful in applications where pipes need to be mounted to the floor.

Benefits of Champion Strut

Fiberglass strut can be used in any application where steel strut channel can be used. A few benefits of selecting Champion Fiberglass’s nonmetallic strut include:

  • Availability in multiple strut channel profiles to accommodate any application
  • UV resistance to protect against UV degradation
  • Lightweight for smooth and fast installation
  • Easy to field cut and drill
  • Can accommodate rigid conduit steel pipe straps (CS-SST series channel only)
  • Ideal for wastewater treatment plants, data centers, aquariums and chemical facility applications
  • Availability in both polyester (dark grey) and vinyl ester (beige) resin systems with special colors available upon request

Additional Support in Selecting the Correct Strut Channel

Our national team of Reps can help engineers and contractors select the right nonmetallic strut channel for a project. Additionally, contact us directly for support.

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