Epoxy Adhesive Calculator

Easily calculate the number of conduit joints and the number of adhesive cartridges your project will require using the Champion Fiberglass Epoxy Adhesive Calculator below.

Select the conduit size, lengths, total feet to install, number of sockets and adhesive size specific to your project, then press submit. Once your results are calculated an option to email them to yourself will also become available.

Need to start over? Use the reset button below to clear all selections.

Calculator Results

Conduit Lengths (FT)
Total Feet
Number of Conduit Joints
Number of Sockets
Total Number of Joints/Sockets
Adhesive Size (ml)
Total Number of Joints/Container
Estimated Number of Adhesive Cartridges
Estimated Overage (# of Joints)


Email these results to yourself in a printable, easily shareable PDF format.


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