Elbow Calculator

Compare the material and installation costs of Champion Fiberglass elbows to other elbow material types by using the new Champion Elbow Calculator tool.

Just input your labor hourly rate, the number of elbows to install with the conduit diameter to be used along with your elbow radius, then choose the conduit material(s) to compare to the Champion Fiberglass Elbow and click “submit” to see your total savings for your next project.

Results are based on the 2021 – 2022 NECA Manual of Labor Units and regularly updated elbow list prices.

Comparison results

Installation Cost

Conduit type
Fiberglass Conduit (RTRC)
Number of 90 Elbows to Install
Install Hours (Per NECA MLU)
Install Cost
Difference vs. Fiberglass Conduit (RTRC)

Materials & Installation Costs

Conduit type
Fiberglass Conduit (RTRC)
Mtl Cost/EA (RTRC List/EA)
Total Mtl Net Cost (RTRC List)
Total Installed Cost (Mtl. + Labor)
Total Installed Diff vs RTRC
Total material and labor costs


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