Baxter-Rutherford upgraded their phone system in 2019, but you’d never know it because they answer their phones. Serving the Pacific Northwest with pipe valves and fittings since 1947, it’s a team that values caring for their own – employees and customers alike.

The company has not only survived the test of time but has thrived, continually adapting and growing to meet the evolving needs of its market. Under the stewardship of owner Trent Francisconi since 2016, Baxter-Rutherford continues to forge a path of excellence and integrity, principles that resonate deeply with their partners at Champion Fiberglass.

Headquartered in Seattle, Baxter-Rutherford operates mainly in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho, supported by four dedicated outside sales professionals. It’s not just longevity or expertise that makes the company a strong partner, but also the unwavering commitment to integrity and a family-like approach to business. It’s a sentiment that keeps the company strong – even through challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic – without any layoffs.

“We try to build on integrity because sales guys can get a bad rap,” Francisconi said. “Champion Fiberglass helped us broaden our product line, and they’ve been instrumental in reinforcing the values we hold dear. We’re very much like family here.”

Rallying behind best-in-class service, the Baxter-Rutherford and Champion Fiberglass partnership has meant enhanced product offerings in Champion Strut™ for the former, particularly in applications where traditional materials like metal face limitations due to weight or corrosion. 

Champion Strut is found in projects across Seattle, including the landmark 600 Bellevue – Amazon Tower and the 400 Westlake – a Living Building Challenge project, of which there are only 15 in the world. Both underscore the versatility and reliability of fiberglass solutions in modern construction.

“Our relationship with Baxter-Rutherford exemplifies how collaboration and shared values can lead to outstanding outcomes for our clients,” said Scott Patchan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Their dedication to integrity and excellence mirrors our own, making this partnership a natural fit.”

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