Located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam isn’t just a national landmark—it’s a fully functioning power station. Impeding Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam’s 17 generators create power for public and private utilities in Nevada, Arizona and California.


After years of exposure to the damp climate, the conduit used to house light fixture wiring throughout the penstocks – or channels that regulate the flow of water – was rotting away. In fact, nearly half of the existing installations had seriously degraded—some even to the point where they were now just open wires. Engineers knew they needed to replace the existing steel and PVC-coated conduit with something that could stand up to the ambient conditions.


Despite no existing relationship with the main engineer on the project, word gets around when you have products like Champion Fiberglass. As the aluminum lighting fixtures were being replaced in a separate contract, Champion Fiberglass was suggested as a solution to the facility’s need for a corrosion-resistant conduit system. After a number of meetings, the facility upgrades team began utilizing Champion Duct conduit and fittings. Beginning in 2002, the installation team at the Hoover Dam spent the next few years systematically replacing the worn and corroded conduit with new Champion Fiberglass conduit.


Multiple runs of Champion Duct conduit were installed within a two-mile area, giving the Hoover Dam engineers the product they needed to ensure consistent performance, despite the moist conditions. The team has been pleased with the results, and Champion Fiberglass has even been considered for other projects based on ease of installation and standout performance.