Over the past eight decades, the Fox Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant has provided responsible and efficient pollutant removal from the raw wastewater of seven Illinois cities. Serving nearly 250,000 residents and business stakeholders, the treatment plant strives to surpass federal and state water quality standards for final effluent – allowing it to be safely returned to the Fox River.


In the facility’s waste pits – or large tanks used to treat wastewater with a variety of chemicals – much of the existing PVC-coated rigid steel conduit was corroding due to constant exposure to the caustic environment. Specifically, a large portion of the PVC coating had begun separating from the underlying rigid steel conduit itself, allowing corrosion to take place. The plant’s engineers needed a solution that would stand up to the environment, while offering the flexibility and easy-to-adjust qualities needed for installation over the pits.


Despite a lack of familiarity with fiberglass conduit, the Fox Metro team chose Champion Duct standard wall above ground conduit and fittings for the job. The Champion Fiberglass staff was able to guide Fox Metro through the initial steps of the installation process. Shortly after, the team was able to install roughly 8,000 feet of product, making kicks and bends in the field to create a custom solution for the facility. Champion Fiberglass often works closely with clients to develop customized solutions ranging from conduit color to creating conduit to project specifics.


With over 80 years of operation, the Fox Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant is no stranger to facility upgrades. With Champion Fiberglass on the project, the plant now has the versatility, flexibility and corrosion resistance to ensure immediate performance – and ongoing value for years to come.