Champion Hangers®

A non-corrosive solution for non-metallic conduit.

Champion Hangers®

A non-corrosive solution for non-metallic conduit.

Product Overview

Champion bridge hangers are the right match for non-metallic conduit. These fiberglass conduit hangers are available in two standard configurations: the popular Intermediate Hanger and our Anchor Hanger (an Intermediate Hanger with side bracing). Along with the standard options listed above, Champion Hangers® also come in alternate configurations, so you always have the right fit for your bridge-related projects.

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For installation instructions, including electrical conduit mounting hardware information and bridge utility hangar details, please contact your local manufacturers representative or our factory at 281.655.8900.

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Bridge Hangers with 304 Stainless Steel hardware 11-01-12 download

Bridge Hangers with 316 Stainless Steel hardware 11-01-12 download

Champion Fiberglass’ Hangers (Champion ) are offered in a wide variety of combinations. All of the components that can come in contact with the fiberglass conduit are made from fiberglass. The standard components making a Champion Hanger are:

  • 1⁄2″ Thick x 2″ wide fiberglass flatbar (horizontal cross member). Sometimes, the flatbar is substituted for 2″ x 2″ x 1⁄4″ fiberglass square – tubing for increased strength.
  • 3⁄4″ Hot dipped galvanized threaded rod (for trapeze hanging) with necessary hardware. Sometimes stainless steel threaded rod is used instead, especially where chlorine (incl. salt) can be present
  • 1″ fiberglass tubing, sleeved on the outside of the threaded rod

Steel hangers shall never be used in combination with fiberglass conduit.

The hangers are offered in two main configurations:

  • Intermediate hanger, the most widely used type
  • hanger, which is an intermediate hanger with side bracing

Depending on the conduit used, the window opening will vary. In this table are Champion Fiberglass’ recommendations of window openings for different conduit sizes.

Champion Hangers® Industries

Champion Hangers® have contributed to project safety and savings in the following industries:



The infrastructure that keeps America moving relies on Champion Fiberglass conduit for maximum safety.

Champion Hangers® Project Photos

These images show Champion Bridge Hangers® being used in transportation applications across the country.

Champion Hangers® Engineering

Champion Hangers® are shipped fully assembled with all necessary components.

Fiberglass components:

  • Are manufactured using isophthalic polyester resin and containing UV inhibitors.
  • Contain a fire retardant and exhibit low smoke generation.

The support rods, intermediate rods, and all metallic hardware are:

  • Manufactured as Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, 304 Stainless Steel or 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Assembled based on the specified application requirements.

Note: Steel hangers should never be used in combination with fiberglass conduit.

Champion Hangers® Installation and Estimation Guides

Conduit Calculator

Use the Champion Fiberglass Conduit Calculator to compare the installation and material costs of Champion Fiberglass conduit vs. aluminum, PVC-coated steel, GRC, and stainless steel conduits.

Champion Hangers® Installation Videos

Bridges Video

Bridge Hangers & Fiberglass Conduit Duct – Installation Guide

Our new Bridge Hanger animation demonstrates how fast and easy it is to install light, sturdy fiberglass conduit onto bridges.

Champion Hangers® Catalog and Info

The Champion Fiberglass Hangers® catalog is available for download or to review online.

Champion Hangers® FAQs

FAQ: What’s the lead-up time on product availability?

Champion Strut lead-times range from stock on most all items to longer depending on the item and number of parts required. Please contact Champion Fiberglass for the availability for any strut items.


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