Expand Your Clients' Savings

Champion Fiberglass brings expanded support spacing distances and real savings.

Have your clients ever cited number of supports required – or comparative support spacing distances – as a reason for using another material over Champion Fiberglass RTRC? The cost represented by additional hangers has been a consideration for project owners for some time, even when taking Champion Fiberglass conduit’s light weight, lower material cost, and easy installation into consideration.

Champion Fiberglass is invested in working toward the innovations that remove customer concerns and highlight the overall benefits of using RTRC – to that end, in 2016 Champion Fiberglass began working closely with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in order to clarify requirements and update the code around longer support spacing distances for epoxy conduit.

The result was longer support spacing distances for Champion Haz Duct® conduit in 2016; Champion Duct ® Standard Wall (SW), Medium Wall (MW) and Heavy Wall (HW) conduit followed suit in 2017.

Support spacing distances—comparison

Champion Fiberglass conduit’s UL Listed support spacing distances have doubled (and in some cases, tripled) for many conduit diameters. They are now comparable to those offered by GRC and PVC-coated steel, in addition to several material and installation benefits these materials do not offer. These charts offer an at-a-glance overview of Champion Fiberglass conduit’s previous and updated support spacing distances (by diameter and product), allowing you to easily compare to those of GRC and PVC-coated steel.

Champion Fiberglass Duct® previous and current support spacing distances compared to GRC and PVC-coated steel
Champion Fiberglass Haz Duct® previous and current support spacing distances compared to GRC and PVC-coated steel

Tools that build results

As Champion Fiberglass has innovated around its products and offerings, it’s also focused on providing valued Reps with tools that will assist them in demonstrating these advancements – and the savings that go with them – to current and prospective clients.

Conduit Calculator

Champion Fiberglass Conduit Calculator

Share with clients to demonstrate savings – they input hourly rate, conduit diameter, and length to be installed, then choose up to three materials to compare to fiberglass conduit.

UL Extended White Paper

White Paper

This in-depth review of Champion Fiberglass’s efforts to advance fiberglass conduit within the market highlights product benefits and updated UL-Listed support spacing distances.

UL Extended Flyer


This quick overview of Champion Fiberglass’s updated UL-Listed support spacing distances offers comparisons to GRC and PVC-coated steel, and features at-a-glance highlights of the benefits and savings inherent in Champion Fiberglass conduit.