As a rep firm, JD Martin Co., Inc. sells a wide variety of products to the electrical industry. They possess experience gleaned from years of construction projects using a variety of materials across many applications. It is this depth of expertise that introduced Champion Fiberglass® to projects as a conduit solution beginning in 2005.

JD Martin Represents Top in Class Lines

JD Martin is a manufacturer’s agency that sells and markets electrical products for industrial, OEM and MRO markets. The company represents the highest quality lines in each product category. They represent Champion Fiberglass in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Louisiana, and the two companies have enjoyed a partnership for 16 years.

JD Martin and Champion Fiberglass Facilitate Success Across Many Projects

CEO Greg Baker cites Champion Fiberglass’s ability to move quickly in manufacturing and deliveries to stay ahead of demand as a reason for the joint success in projects for customers. For example, for a large data center project, Champion Fiberglass stayed on-time with conduit shipments in what was a large and demanding job with many change orders. Additionally, the customer was successful in securing additional labor savings thanks to the easy installation of elbows.

In another example, the lightweight nature of Champion Fiberglass conduit facilitated a challenging installation in Dallas. Conduit had to be installed beneath a busy, major freeway in Dallas. Explains Baker, “The only way the customer was able to get the job done was because the fiberglass conduit was light weight and flexible.”

Adds Champion Fiberglass National Sales Manager Bob Reeger, “Because JD Martin represents many types of conduit, they understand which type works best by application. They have been instrumental in bringing us new opportunities in applications where fiberglass conduit might be a fit, effectively helping Champion Fiberglass break into new markets. This was evident throughout the recent PVC shortage, when customers determined to keep projects on track began exploring other viable conduit options.”

JD Martin has been successful in bringing high-profile jobs to the table for Champion Fiberglass. For Texas A&M University, JD Martin recommended fiberglass conduit for a job at Kyle Field. What sold Texas A&M was immediate product availability and streamlined installation, enabling the job to be completed before football season. As a result of this project, Champion Fiberglass was used for other projects across the Texas A&M System.

Other projects successfully completed with JD Martin include Formosa Plastics and the Austin Water District. The Austin Water District project required three years of conduit corrosion testing prior to beginning the job, and yielded a five-year deal.

Reeger continues, “JD Martin sales reps are not strangers to unique requests.” For one job, a sales rep was able to make a regional delivery to facilitate project timelines. “The rep picked up the conduit in Spring, Texas and delivered it to a job about an hour away, adding a personal touch to the delivery process,” he explains. The company is based in Texas just like Champion Fiberglass.

Customer Loyalty. Industry Leadership.

Baker says that Champion Fiberglass possesses high-level competency with keen knowledge to anticipate and solve project challenges. “They have been rewarded with extreme customer loyalty because of this.”

Also, Baker mentions a high level of respect for President Goran Haag’s industry involvement. “Goran is committed to NEMRA and the reps appreciate that. He goes out of his way to offer time and resources for the independent rep model. And the entire rep community values his involvement.”

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