Scott Felts

Some individuals don’t just experience their industry; they shape it. Scott Felts of Performance Marketing Group, LLC (PMG), is one such influencer in the industrial market.

Scott’s five-decade career started with a summer night job out of high school making fiberglass pipe fittings. After studying mechanical engineering and a subsequent role at Pontiac Motor Division, Scott joined a pipe, valve and fitting distributor specializing in corrosion-resistant applications.

After rising through the ranks, Scott took a leap of faith in 2018 and founded PMG. Scott’s territory, compact by design, is monumental in its impact across Florida, Georgia and Alabama. He loves being in the field that has taken him to the space shuttle, nuclear submarines and operating rooms. Scott takes pride in speaking “distributor” and highly values flexibility, commitment and rapid, effective service.

Scott’s philosophy is simple yet revolutionary: be the rep you’d want for yourself. This ethos drives Scott’s approach to selling Champion Strut™, focusing on strategic representation, nuanced application support and insightful specification services.

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PMG and Champion Fiberglass’s shared values were on display recently during a complex problem for a customer that required significant modifications to the standard channel fitting. Within days, Champion Fiberglass had the product out the door to Scott’s delight.

“Scott’s insights, drawn from deep industry experience, have been invaluable,” said Scott Patchan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Champion Fiberglass. “He doesn’t just bridge the gap between customers and our products; he makes the entire process seamless and solution-focused.”

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