Champion Strut®

What’s the lead-up time on product availability?

Champion Strut lead-times range from stock on most all items to longer depending on the item and number of parts required. Please contact Champion Fiberglass for the availability for any strut items.

Where can Champion Strut be used?

The Champion Strut® fiberglass framing system has been successfully used in many highly corrosive applications including steel mills, wastewater treatmentutilitieschemical plants, and desalination facilities. It’s also contributed to safe, secure, stable installations in rendering facilities, refineries, marinas, pulp and paper plants, water reclamation facilities, theme parks, aquariums, pools and underground vaults.

Can Champion Strut be customized?

Customization, such as special colors, are available upon request. Light grey colored polyester channel is available with a special part number. As for special lengths, 20-ft lengths may be requested.