About Desert States Electrical Sales

Desert States Electrical Sales is an electrical manufacturers representative agency based in Phoenix. They’ve served the territory, which includes Southern Nevada (Las Vegas), Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, for over 18 years.

Principal Tony Rowe explains that their mission is to provide the highest quality representation for the manufacturers they represent. They bring value to customers by delivering superior product and application knowledge, presenting labor-saving solutions, and training their team.

In the sales process, they strive to drive demand from the specifier and contractor back to their stocking distributor partners, which affords them a high level of control throughout the procurement process. Desert States Electrical Sales is a family-oriented firm with a focus on training the next generation in the electrical sales business. Relationship-building is a big part of their process. People can be so tied to technology and Rowe’s intention is to train his sales team to build friendships with customers, because “everyone has a choice.”

The firm’s application focus is diversified. Applications include the infrastructure that follows homebuilding, such as wastewater treatment. It also includes industrial, commercial, manufacturing, utility, and underground installation applications.

The Partnership with Champion Fiberglass

“When we present Champion Fiberglass to the customer, we tell them not only how good they are with the quality of the product, but we also mention the people and how they operate as a company. We stress how strong they are in hitting deadlines,” explains Rowe.

He continues, “This is important because there’s much happening behind-the-scenes in construction. For example, customers rent equipment for installation. Keeping them waiting without a product to install due to sluggish deliveries costs customers project dollars in rental fees. This is why we need accurate delivery dates from manufacturers along with the ability to hit them to keep projects on track.”

He explains that Champion Fiberglass understands this and always provides accurate information regarding deliveries. “Their shipping dates are solid and they’ve earned my trust. This is a real contrast to manufacturers and suppliers that, once they get the order, often forget and don’t care.”

Says Rowe, “The quality of the people at Champion Fiberglass is excellent. It is not a huge corporation so I appreciate that I can get through to a decision-maker. I have a high level of respect for VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan and National Sales Manager Bob Reeger, Regional Sales Manager Kent Brown, and Inside Sales Representatives Gene Mayor and J Miller. They are all down-to-earth, phenomenal people who do their jobs very well.”

Says Regional Sales Manager Kent Brown, “Desert State Electrical Sales employs a motivated team focused on end-users while maximizing strong relationships with distributors. This is a solid strategy.” He adds that another strength is their follow-through, as they stay on top of sales from the beginning of the process through project completion. “Desert States Electrical Sales is a good crew with a good culture within their business,” adds Brown.

Project Success

Desert States Electrical Sales has represented Champion Fiberglass in many jobs with successful outcomes including data center and tech projects throughout the territory. They’ve had success selling elbows for underground applications, as well. And they are finding increased interest in fiberglass for copper mines and wastewater treatment plants. Similar to other firms, a current challenge in the territory is getting engineers and contractors to change their mindset and habits to try a new product.

Clearly, there are commonalities between the two companies. Says Rowe, “The team at Champion Fiberglass makes it easy to do business with them. In terms of quality, the product speaks for itself. We enjoy working with them and the friendship that has developed.”

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