Nonmetallic Strength Supports Conduit and Piping

Think only metal strut structural systems like Unistrut pipe supports provide strength to stabilize substantial conduit and piping in projects? Think again. Made from pultruded polyester and vinyl ester fiberglass, Champion StrutTM provides durability as well as incorporating a flange design feature that promotes strength and stability.

Champion Strut is a channel framing system that is corrosion-resistant, flame retardant, lightweight yet strong and supportive.

It offers durable structural support for piping and conduit across many highly corrosive applications including wastewater treatment, chemical plants and marinas. It can be used as horizontal and vertical piping support in these projects.

During manufacturing, this pultrusion process results in straight, consistent parts of virtually any length. Parts are internally reinforced with permanently bonded continuous glass fibers, imbuing great tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, short beam shear strength and impact strength than traditional fiberglass strut.

Additionally, Champion Strut’s CS-S Series channel profile is designed to allow complete engagement and maximum pull-out strength of channel accessories. The flange design provides more strength compared to traditional fiberglass channel profile flange designs and permits greater torquing of accessories without failure. 

How do Champion Duct and Champion Strut work together?

The Champion Strut system can be used as a Champion Duct conduit support system which is customizable with multiple channel profiles and parts to fit all types (GRC, PVC, etc.) of conduit installations. The system includes wall mounts, trapeze hanging systems and column loading supports for versatility in constructing conduit and piping support in projects.

Champion Strut is lightweight and can be easily cut and drilled to fit project specifications at the job site. Once installed, accessories such as pipe clamps, piping hangers and clevis hangers that hold and stabilize the conduit are inserted or attached to the strut channel. Contractors typically find that installation with Champion Strut moves swiftly and seamlessly.

Durability Supports Conduit & Piping Across Applications

Not only is nonmetallic Champion Strut strong, it is also durable. As a composite material, fiberglass strut is engineered to handle loads and conditions found in caustic environments. Special UV additives along with a polyester surfacing veil are added to give the components increased UV and corrosion resistance. Additionally it’s fire retardant for added protection. It’s been used as a hanger and support for piping and conduit in highly corrosive applications including steel mills, rendering facilities, utilities, refineries, petrochemical plants, pulp and paper, desalination facilities, water reclamation facilities, theme parks, aquariums, pools and underground vaults.

Champion Strut in Stock and Ready to Ship

Got a project requiring fast procurement? Champion Strut parts are listed online with live inventory counts, so you can see available, on-hand stock. In addition, for even speedier service, all Champion Strut orders ship same or next day. View Champion Strut inventory here.

To see how Champion Strut might work as a pipe support system in your project, contact a rep today.

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