Pacific Rim Connections, a  manufacturer’s rep agency based in Hawaii, has been making waves in the electrical industry for thirty years with its unyielding commitment to teamwork, education and customer satisfaction. Led by Principal Norm Nakano, the agency has carved a niche in Hawaii, Guam and the Pacific Rim territories representing electrical, lighting, power and data communications manufacturers. 

With a strong company philosophy centered around collaboration and a comprehensive understanding of the local market, Pacific Rim Connections strives to educate their team, engineers, contractors and end users in Hawaii. Their Hawaiian-born team possesses a deep understanding of the culture and needs. A key facet for the company is teamwork, as the Pacific Rim Connections team works collaboratively on projects. (Norm bases this on the concept of ohana, which means “family” in Hawaiian.) Additionally, leadership sets dynamic goals and strategies for their business and they engage in “smart” hard work to achieve them. 

Project Success Across Applications
When it comes to overcoming industry challenges, Pacific Rim Connections and Champion Fiberglass are a formidable pair. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in successful projects in transportation, utilities, wastewater treatment and more.

For Hawaiian customers, ISO designations and ‘Made in America’ are very important. Additionally, the isolated, yet populated nature of Hawaii poses unique requirements for projects. In meeting them, Norm calls the Champion Fiberglass team “diligent and competent, helpful and informative. They work hard to resolve any issues that arise,” he adds.

One notable accomplishment is the widespread acceptance of Champion Fiberglass conduit by the local utility. Early efforts involved educating the customer to adopt fiberglass conduit for safety and durability benefits for substation work.

Also, the agency has played a pivotal role in implementing Champion Fiberglass conduit in major rail projects like the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) and water treatment plants, where its superior performance and corrosion resistance over PVC-coated steel has been successful in battling acid rain, salt spray, sulfur from volcanoes, humidity and UV rays.

For bridge projects, fiberglass conduit was welcomed as it was much lighter than PVC and GRC and easier to work with for smooth installations. Plus it lasts longer which project managers appreciated. Norm notes that it has taken nearly 12 years and countless sales touches to become fully adopted so it is satisfying to see project managers now very comfortable with the product.

A Powerful Duo in the Pacific
The synergy between Pacific Rim Connections and Champion Fiberglass is reflected in the resounding success of projects. Norm appreciates the Champion Fiberglass team for their continued support and trust. He says, “They’ve been very helpful in helping us educate the community here with training sessions and demonstrations for contractors and engineers.”

Scott Patchan, Champion Fiberglass VP of Sales and Marketing, commends the partnership, stating, “Pacific Rim Connections has been an invaluable ally in expanding the reach and acceptance of Champion Fiberglass in Hawaii. Their dedication, knowledge and ability to educate the market have been instrumental in our shared success.”

Under Norm’s leadership, Pacific Rim Connections’ commitment to teamwork, education, and communication has positioned them as a trusted and respected agency in Hawaii’s electrical market. As they continue to excel, their partnership with Champion Fiberglass remains a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values in achieving success in the electrical industry.

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