Below ground conduit applications and standards

Champion Fiberglass offers an overview of the specifications, benefits, and products designed to meet the requirements of below ground applications, including Encased Buried (EB) or Direct Buried (DB).

Benefits of Champion Fiberglass RTRC vs. other in-market materials for below ground applications

Compare Champion Fiberglass conduit to other underground conduit materials, and you’ll find that the benefits speak for themselves.

Champion Fiberglass RTRC offers:

  • The broadest range of corrosion resistance of all in-market underground ducting products.
  • The lowest installation rates for most diameters for installing underground electrical conduit according to the National
    Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Manual of Labor Units.
  • Low burn through and ability to stand up to extreme conditions of underground conduit.
  • Shape retention after impact or compression.

FAQs—below ground fiberglass conduit applications, industries, and usage

What is the difference between above ground and below ground conduit?

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Which Champion Fiberglass conduit should be used in Encased Burial applications for running underground electrical conduit? What is concrete encased duct bank cost?

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Which Champion Fiberglass conduit should be used in Direct Buried conduit applications?

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What kind of conduit should be used in Core Boring applications?

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Does Champion Fiberglass have an application in my industry?

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How can Champion Fiberglass help drive project savings?

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I have questions regarding which Champion Fiberglass conduit product will perform best in a tough environment (offshore, coastal, high-UV-exposure, etc.) Where can I get answers?

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Champion Fiberglass conduit below ground specifications


Conduit is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the UL 2420 Below Ground standard

UL Listed

Manufacturing Information to Be Included

  • NEMA TC 14
  • UL 2420 BG (Below Ground)
  • Manufacturer and Reseller (if the conduit was modified or bent other than by the manufacturer)
  • Date of Manufacturing of conduit and elbows
  • Elbows shall be marked with the angle and radius
  • Special customer markings (per request) All conduit, elbows, and fittings are manufactured in the U.S.A. and marked as such


  • Meets listed maximum values when tested in accordance with ASTM E-800
  • Does not contain any compounds that can release halogens in more than trace amounts when burning


Champion Fiberglass has a current Certificate, issued by an independent and accredited company, of compliance with an ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems and Performance

Additional Information

For dimensions, electrical and mechanical specifications, and in-depth joining system information, click here.

Champion Fiberglass products for below ground installations

Champion Fiberglass products are designed to meet the needs of electrical engineers and rise to the challenges of tough, below ground environments for installing underground raceway systems, including electrical duct bank. If you are curious what type of conduit to use underground, here are a few of our products. Visit our Case Studies section to learn more.

Champion Duct®

Champion Duct®

Adds value in Utilities, Wastewater Treatment, and Mining applications.

  • UL 2420 listed for below ground installations
  • CSA listed per CSA-22.2 No 211.3-96 standards
Champion Haz Duct XW Type Conduit

Champion Haz Duct® XW Type

“Bullet proof” and completely nonmetallic solution constructed to handle the demands of hazardous industrial environments.

  • UL 2420 listed for below ground installations
  • Approved by the National Electrical Code (NEC) for use in Class 1, Div 2 installations and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) for Zone 1, Div 2 installations
  • CSA-22.2 No 211.3-96 Certified
Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit

Champion Flame Shield® Phenolic Conduit System

The #1 choice of surface-mounted Electrical conduit in the Transportation field; also brings value to Transit applications.

  • Meets the elevated temperature requirements for exposed conduits of:
    • NFPA 130
    • ASTM E136
  • Allowed for use in Class 1 Div 2 installations, per the National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • UL2196 tested
    Meets the increased temperature and duration demands of NFPA 502

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