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Based in Canada, rep firm Alliance Marketing has been serving the British Columbia market for 32 years in the residential, commercial and industrial electrical and HVAC markets. The company chooses to align with like-minded leading manufacturer partners and curate their linecard to provide the best service and support to customers. Alliance Marketing is led by Managing Principal Dave Markgraf. 

Alliance Marketing

Keeping Busy with Bridge and Data Center Projects

Project focus in British Columbia includes hydroelectric projects, data center and transportation. Explains Markgraf, “Elbows have taken off in our province as they are a spec-driven product. Champion Fiberglass is the manufacturer of choice as installers can pre-attach the PVC or DBII connector to make a seamless transition in field. BC Hydro quickly noticed how smoothly the job goes when using Champion Fiberglass for their projects. This has allowed us to work closely with them helping with their specs.” Additionally, increased flooding in the region has prompted a review of highway bridges and overpasses and bridge hangers have proved a key selling point within these projects.

Four Years of Project Collaboration

Alliance Marketing and Champion Fiberglass have been working together since 2019. Dave Markgraf describes the relationship as “excellent.” He adds that the team is receptive and as a company, the two organizations’ goals align. Says Markgraf, “You see the passion Champion Fiberglass has in their work. This is led by their President, Goran Haag, and his management team who truly care about their people, agents and customers. Champion Fiberglass works endlessly for their people. We saw this first hand in our initial factory meeting.”

Specifically, Alliance Marketing has enjoyed working with Regional Sales Manager Matt Fredericks. “Matt has been the champion within Champion Fiberglass. We couldn’t ask for a better regional manager. His agency background has provided a wealth of knowledge in helping us introduce new products to customers,” adds Markgraf.

Alliance Marketing appreciates all of the tools required to be successful with the Champion Fiberglass line. The calculator really helps potential customers see the value of fiberglass conduit in a concrete apples-to-apples comparison.

Education and Support for First Time Installers

As for projects, they’ve involved intensive education for contractors new to fiberglass conduit. Alliance Marketing has started with small jobs to educate. This strategy proved successful because once installers see how easy the process is with Champion Fiberglass, they insist on working with the conduit for subsequent jobs.

Additionally, a transportation project along the Trans-Canada Highway saw recent success. The contractor on this bridge project was familiar with PVC and EMT but had never installed fiberglass conduit, so there was a learning curve. But with support from Champion Fiberglass, installation went smoothly with the contractor celebrating a first time installation success. Successes like these have repeated on several bridge and overpass projects in the region.

Says VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan, “Alliance Marketing has made great strides in British Columbia. Dave and team have helped move the needle on some fantastic projects in the region. We’re glad to have them as a part of the team.”

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