Dedication, resilience, and deep industry knowledge – these are the hallmarks of a true champion in the world of mechanical and electrical engineering. These are also the traits that perfectly describe Jack Callery, an industrial piping representative in the mechanical market who has shaped his career through relentless efforts, innovative thinking, an extensive network, and a commitment to serve the industry he loves.

Operating as Callery Industrial Plastics since 1994, Callery & Associates makes a formidable team in the thermoplastic industry, spanning an expansive territory from New England to Maryland.

Callery’s dedication to his work and to the clients he serves is as rock-solid as the Champion Strut™ product line he passionately advocates. He’s endeared himself to customers who often say, “Jack has never met a stranger.” His extensive knowledge and practical experience with strut systems have made him a trusted advisor among mechanical and electrical engineers and contractors.

He is quick to acknowledge the contributions of those who have played pivotal roles in his career, most notably Scott Patchan, Champion’s VP of Sales and Marketing. Callery even helped inspire Champion Strut™, a major part of his portfolio that also includes Champion Bridge Drain™.

In the world of mechanical and electrical engineering, the landscape is continually evolving, and the need for reliable, innovative solutions is ever-present. Just as the strut is essential to the structure it supports, Callery is an indispensable part of the industry he serves. He uniquely encapsulates the spirit of Champion Fiberglass with tenacity, innovation and success.

Says Patchan, “Jack Callery’s tenure in the business is legendary. He possesses an insight gleaned over many years that benefits manufacturers, engineers and contractors, and we look forward to more years of project success in the region.”

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