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The field is busy-but there’s only one spot for number one. See how fiberglass conduit stacks up to the competition in crucial areas like weight, corrosion resistance and installation cost.


Cable Fault

Fiberglass conduit will not melt or weld the wire to the inside of the conduit under fault conditions as can happen with PVC, steel and aluminium conduit.
Not AffectedMelt/FuseMelt/FuseWeldWeldWeld


Fiberglass conduit does not release toxic halogens (i.e. chlorine and bromine) when burning.
(SW IPS – lbs./per 100 ft., approx.) Fiberglass conduit offers the lowest weight and is still very rigid.
3 ⁄ 4“17 (SW)232910510536
1″19 (SW)344315315353
11 ⁄ 4“23 (SW)465920120170
11 ⁄ 2“33 (SW)559924624686
2″38 (SW)7399334334116
21 ⁄ 2“46 (SW)125152527527183
3″60 (SW)164212690690239
31 ⁄ 2“65 (SW)198262831831288
4″72 (SW)234310982982340
5″120 (MW)31843113441344465
6″142 (MW)41259217701770612

Temperature Range (°F)

Fiberglass has an excellent wide temperature range.
-60° to +250°+40° to +150°+40° to +150°N/AN/AN/A

Handling in Low Temperatures

Fiberglass conduit has been shown to retain its properties at low temperatures allowing year round installations.

Simple Table

  • Conduit type
    Fiberglass conduit (RTRC)
  • Total feet
  • Material net cost
    (price per 100 feet)
  • Total material net cost
  • Difference vs. Fiberglass conduit (RTRC)

Comparison Table

  • Conduit type
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Champion Duct® Catalog

Champion Duct® conduit, fittings, duct bank and bridge hangers deliver a range of benefits including ease of installation, fire and corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and more.

Champion Duct catalog cover
IPS Conduit
Elbows page 18-29
Fittings page 30-46
Conduit Bodies page 47-51
XW Conduit
Elbows page 62-72
Fittings page 73-83
Conduit Bodies page 84-87
ID Conduit
Elbows page 95-105
Fittings page 106-119
Conduit Bodies page 120-123
Bridge Hangers
Hanger Types page 133-134


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Adhesive Tubes Flyer

Review options for adhesive guns, and how to select the right tube size for your project. Helpful information includes temperature ranges and curing times.

Always Available. Always Affordable. The Strength and Engineering You Can Depend on.

Learn key benefits of fiberglass conduit such as its light weight and corrosion resistance.

Buried Utility Flyer

Learn how burying utility and transmission lines in fiberglass conduit can help reduce risks from wildfires.

Champion Duct Fiberglass Repair Kit™

Learn more about the Champion Duct Fiberglass Repair KitTM, a fast curing, in-field fiberglass conduit repair system ideal for cracks, breaks, reinforcing joints, and corrosion proofing—in virtually any situation, even underwater.

Champion Fiberglass Conduit Calculator Flyer

Follow the easy three step process for using our conduit calculator to compare conduit types and receive an estimate.

Champion Fiberglass Phenolic Conduit Adhesive

Learn about the adhesive system for bonding phenolic conduit.

Champion Fiberglass Product Comparison Chart

See how fiberglass conduit compares to PVC, GRC, PVC-coated steel and aluminum in weight, burn-through and installation rates.

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In this piece, find the specifics for Haz Duct® conduit including part numbers.

Champion Strut Flyer

For Long-lasting Project Performance, Champion Strut is a Complete System of Fiberglass Channel & Non-metallic Components. 

Corrosion Resistance Guide

View the extensive list of chemicals that Champion Fiberglass® conduit provides resistance against.

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Field Cutting

Learn how to field cut Champion Fiberglass conduit, and how to prepare and make adhesive joints.

Field Cutting

How to field cut Champion Fiberglass conduit, and how to prepare and make adhesive joints. You have four tool options: a handheld hacksaw with fine-tooth blade…

Bonding Epoxy Conduit

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Gasket Joint Insertion

Learn how to field cut Champion Fiberglass conduit, and how to prepare and make adhesive joints.

Bonding Phenolic Conduit

Learn how to assemble phenolic conduit sections.

Interference and Adhesive Joint Assembly

Learn how to assemble the interference joint connection.

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Wastewater Treatment Plants – Compare Fiberglass, PVC & Steel Conduit
Champion Fiberglass does more to stand up to the challenge in damp and corrosive environments. With lightweight, non-corrosive fiberglass construction Champion Fiberglass is the right choice to keep your operations safe-and your conduit installations intact over the long-term.

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