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Five fiberglass conduit myths that could be losing you money.

Steel and fiberglass have different properties. “Tell me something I don’t know,” you’re thinking, right? But fiberglass conduit is no longer the new kid on the block – and its uses have changed dramatically in the last 20 – even 10 – years. So yes, PVC-coated steel conduit and fiberglass conduit have different properties, but […]

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Choosing Between Fiberglass, PVC-Coated Steel & Galvanized Rigid Steel

Choosing Between Fiberglass, PVC-Coated Steel & Galvanized Rigid Steel.- Why Conduit Choice Matters in Electrical Engineering Projects When electrical engineers approve materials for a spec list, conduit doesn’t always rank highest on the list of importance; but in today’s economic environment—where there’s less time, money and resources—concerns about quality and longevity for all materials, including […]

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