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February 21, 2022

Sales Awards Announced at NEMRA



For the first time in two years, the Champion Fiberglass sales team attended the NEMRA 2022 conference.

While in Dallas, National Sales Manager Scott Patchan, National Sales Manager Bob Reeger, Regional Sales Manager Kent Brown, and Regional Sales Manager Matt Fredericks connected with the Champion Fiberglass team of field sales representatives.

The team shared news and updates about Champion Fiberglass and recognized Reps who exceeded sales goals in 2021.

Rep organizations honored include:

  • A.A. MacPherson
  • AERO Sales
  • A.L. Pickens
  • CET & Associates
  • Chicago Sales Agency
  • Colerick Electrical Sales
  • Fishco Group
  • Gummersell Cashdan
  • Hozack, Inc.
  • Pinnacle Solutions
  • RB Sales
  • JD Martin Company – South Texas

Congratulations to these agencies for their hard work and dedication. Champion Fiberglass appreciates the hard work that you do in representing us in the field.

Photo of A.A. MacPherson reps at NEMRA

A.A. MacPherson

Photo of RB Sales reps at NEMRA

RB Sales

Photo of Pinnacle Solutions reps at NEMRA

Pinnacle Solutions

Photo of J.D. Martin reps at NEMRA

J.D. Martin

Photo of Hozack Inc. reps at NEMRA

Hozack Inc.

Photo of Gumersell Cashdan reps at NEMRA

Gumersell Cashdan

Photo of Fischo Group reps at NEMRA

Fischo Group

Photo of Colerick Electrical reps at NEMRA

Colerick Electrical

Photo of Chicago Sales Agency reps at NEMRA

Chicago Sales Agency

Photo of CET & Associates reps at NEMRA

CET & Associates

Photo of AERO Sales reps at NEMRA

AERO Sales

Photo of A.L. Pickens reps at NEMRA

A.L. Pickens

Photo of Watson employees at NEMRA 2022

Watson Sales Co.


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