News 10.30.2018

Update on Our Upgraded Facility

Facility Update


A Third Production Line Will Support Growing Demand

From the recently implemented steel tariffs to rising construction costs associated with heavy, rigid conduit materials, there are many reasons why fiberglass conduit usage is on the rise.

These three facts are easily shareable:

  1. The groundbreaking for the third Champion Fiberglass production line is scheduled for December.
    The third production line will be fully operational about 6 months after groundbreaking.
  2. The third production line is set to double output.
    The third production line will double our output, featuring:

    • A Double winder vs. the other two lines’ single winders.
    • A drying oven with a length of 40′ vs. 20′.
    • A quench tank with a length of 12′ vs. 6′.
    • A faster puller system featuring chains instead of hydraulics.

    Once the upgraded third line has reached operational capacity, future upgrades are already planned. Over the next two years, advancements including automated winding and pulling processes, and system robotics will be implemented.

  3. The advance in technology and production output represented by the third production line will soon be retrofitted to Lines 1 and 2, as well.
    After Line 3 is operational, the next facility goal will be to retrofit the advancements represented by Line 3 to Lines 1 and 2. Since 2016’s rebuild, the facility’s output has increased by 25% – the new line promises to up that production capability by an additional 50%. With the improvements to Lines 1 and 2, Champion Fiberglass will be well positioned to keep up with increasing demand.