July 15, 2019

Get to Know Production Manager Ian Buckley — True Crime Aficionado, Amateur Rugby Referee and Former Police Officer


Ian BuckleyOne of the newest members of the team, Ian Buckley, began his role of Production Manager at Champion Fiberglass earlier this year. His background includes solid experience in manufacturing starting with an apprenticeship at age 16 in the U.K. Read more about Ian and his backstory.

Tell us about your role as production manager at Champion Fiberglass.

As Production Manager at Champion Fiberglass, I direct and coordinate activities in the processing of materials and manufacturing of products. I am responsible first and foremost for the safety of the employees; secondly, for the quality of the products; and thirdly, for satisfying customers’ needs. I oversee the plant and arrange any necessary training associates need.

Tell us a bit about your background.

A native of a small market town in the U.K. called Wigan, I began my career with an apprenticeship at a fabric dyeing and finishing company at age 16. This led to me eventually becoming technical manager while studying for my degree in dyestuff chemistry, color physics and textile engineering. Later, I acquired a second degree in management and for 13 years worked in three dyehouses in parts of the U.K. in production and technical manager roles.

I then switched industries and became an assistant production manager at a facility that manufactured buoyancy and polyurethane products for the offshore oil and gas sector. This company was acquired, and the purchasing company had a factory in Houston, where I moved with my family to become operations manager. At this organization, I also served as global technology manger and technical operations manager until joining Champing Fiberglass earlier this year.

What do you enjoy about working at Champion Fiberglass?

I really enjoy the family feel of the company. I’ve spent years working for multi-national companies and this is very refreshing. Everyone is friendly, helpful and not afraid of hard work.

I am very excited about the future with the current investment in new buildings and equipment. I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the team in making this project as successful as possible.

How do you spend your time when not working?

When not working, I like to spend time with my family, relaxing in my back yard. I enjoy rock music and listening to live bands. I like to walk my four dogs and am an avid true crime follower – whether listening to podcasts or reading books.

Early in my career, I spent five years as a part-time police officer and even considered this as a future career. However, I decided that I preferred manufacturing.

I also like watching sports, particularly rugby. I used to play and coach rugby, and I’m a fully qualified amateur referee. My hometown team, the Wigan Warriors, is one of the most decorated and famous clubs in the world.