Champion Fiberglass Conduit - Delivering Unmatched Benefits

For conduit, strut, and hangers, fiberglass options offer a number of benefits over traditional materials like steel or PVC.

The superior benefits of Champion Fiberglass Conduit lead directly to savings. These powerful, versatile materials drive faster installation and lower labor costs, without sacrificing quality or longevity. Champion Fiberglass industrial electrical conduit offers immediate benefits and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve specified a tough, long-lasting, non-metallic, flexible conduit material. Our rigid conduit is UL listed and CSA certified, meets high mechanical requirements and is ideal for commercial and industrial markets. See how our benefits stack up in a conduit comparison. To find the right conduit product for your application or environment, visit our Product Information page.

Goes the distance

Expanded support span distances

Champion Fiberglass is the only fiberglass (RTRC) manufacturer to offer extended support spacing on a full complement of conduit sizes. You use fewer struts and hangers – and you save on costs.

Save you every time

Increased savings

Fiberglass is more economical than other materials and its lightweight design makes for faster, more cost-efficient installations.

Pulling for you

Light weight

At up to 13.6x lighter than GRC and PVC-coated steel (4″-diameter conduit comparison) conduit types, Champion Fiberglass delivers shorter installation times and lower manpower costs.

Low Burn Through

Low burn through

Fiberglass is an excellent material for avoiding burn through when pulling cable. It is compatible with and unaffected by any of the pulling lubricants currently available.

Can take a hit

Impact resistance

Champion Fiberglass retains its shape after impact or compression, standing up to extreme conditions better than other options.

Won't break down when things get tough

Corrosion resistance

Tough environment? Oxidation on the horizon? Get a truly corrosion-resistant product that can stand the test of time.

Can take the heat

Withstands heat

Compare flame resistant Champion Fiberglass’s temperature range of 60° to +250° to that of PVC SCH 40 and PVC SCH 80’s +40° to +150° range.

Can take on the cold

Withstands cold

Fiberglass doesn’t get weaker and brittle in freezing temperatures like PVC and HDPE. In fact, it gets slightly stronger in cold temperatures.

Does things your way.

Customized solutions

From conduit designed to your specifications to custom color matching, Champion Fiberglass works with you to deliver customized solutions.

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