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Manufacturing Information


How is Champion Fiberglass conduit manufactured?

The Champion Fiberglass conduit manufacturing process is single-circuit filament winding. This process involves strands of fiberglass tension winding over a rotating mandrel. The strands are laid in a precise pattern and impregnated with resin as they are wound onto the mandrel. Once the desired thickness is reached, the conduit is cured under high temperature thereby ensuring maximum strength. This process results in a lightweight, strong conduit product that retains its shape after impact or compression and stands up to extreme conditions better than other options.

What’s the lead-up time on product availability?

All Champion Fiberglass products are made to order (strut is always in stock, however). Please contact us for lead time on projects – we will make every attempt to work directly with clients to meet timing restrictions. Our no-burn-through Champion Fiberglass Elbows and XPress Elbows feature a 48-hour shipping time for our most popular sizes. Choose from plain-ended or PVC deep-socket coupling transitions in the above sizes. See which elbow sizes are available for this promotion here.

What UL Listings apply to Champion Fiberglass products?

FAQ: What UL Listings apply to Champion Fiberglass products?

Champion Duct® is:

Standard Wall, Medium Wall (UL designates Champion Fiberglass MW for 5″ and 6″ as SW), and Heavy Wall conduit are UL Listed for extended support spacing distances.

Champion Haz Duct® XW is UL Listed for extended support spacing distances.