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8.29.2016 Category Case Studies

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

With over four decades of operation, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is the fifth-busiest heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States.

8.29.2016 Category Case Studies

Monterey Bay Coast Guard Pier

This project’s harsh saline environment, exposure to UV rays, and rough weather called for a conduit product that could offer protection, a light weight, and savings.

8.29.2016 Category Case Studies

Hoover Dam

Located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam isn’t just a national landmark—it’s a fully functioning power station.

8.29.2016 Category Case Studies

Edwardsport IGCC Power Plant

Duke Energy’s Edwardsport IGCC plant, located in Knox County, Indiana, is one of the cleanest and most efficient coal-fired power generating facilities in the world.

8.29.2016 Category Case Studies

Intrepid Potash

Intrepid Potash is the largest U.S. producer of potassium chloride – or potash – a critical fertilizer used to grow corn, wheat, soybeans, potatoes, hay and much more.

8.08.2016 Category Case Studies

Fox Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant

Over the past eight decades, the Fox Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant has provided responsible and efficient pollutant removal from the raw wastewater of seven Illinois cities.

8.03.2016 Category Case Studies

San Jacinto River Authority

The SJRA needed underground electrical conduit that provided protection within a highly corrosive environment. Read how Champion Fiberglass blew the competition out of the water.